Empowering Health and Wellness: Meet Abby Light, Personal Trainer

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Abby Light, a homegrown talent and personal trainer at The Iron Village in Oxford, Fl., is on a mission to help individuals of all ages achieve their health and fitness goals. With her unique approach to training and unwavering passion for health and wellness, Abby is changing lives one workout at a time.

Diverse Experience for All Ages

Abby Light’s journey into the fitness world is a testament to her dedication. With experience working with individuals ranging from 12 to 85 years old, she understands the significance of tailoring her training methods to cater to different age groups. Her openness to working with clients of all ages exemplifies her commitment to inclusivity and her belief that it’s never too late (or early) to embark on a fitness journey.

A Passion Born in Oxford

For Abby, the world of fitness and health is not just a career; it’s a lifelong passion. Growing up in Oxford, she was surrounded by sports and an active lifestyle. Her love for sports from an early age laid the foundation for her eventual career in the health and wellness field. She fondly recalls her days of playing multiple sports, an experience that solidified her belief that a healthy lifestyle can be both rewarding and enjoyable.

Her journey into coaching at Wildwood Middle High School was a pivotal moment in her life. Abby worked as a girls’ weightlifting and softball coach for two years, and it was during this time that she discovered her true calling. The environment of training and coaching resonated deeply with her, and she decided to pursue her certification as a personal trainer.

Promoting a Love for Exercise

Abby’s mission as a personal trainer is clear: she wants to inspire her clients to fall in love with exercise, just as she did. To her, exercise should not be a chore but a privilege, an opportunity to invest in one’s well-being. She believes that each person is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. Every individual has different goals, preferences, and needs, and Abby strives to personalize each client’s training sessions and workout routines to best suit them. Her dedication to customization is a testament to her commitment to her client’s success.

Importance of Relaxation and Rest Days

As a full-time student, Abby’s time is divided between her academic pursuits and her passion for fitness. She finds balance by going for drives and walks with her friends, family, and boyfriend. Her love for movie nights is a testament to her belief in the importance of relaxation and quality time with loved ones, a crucial component of overall well-being.


Abby Light, a personal trainer at The Iron Village, embodies the values of health, wellness, and the joy of exercise. Her diverse experience, personalized approach, and dedication to her clients make her a valuable asset to the Wildwood community. As she continues to inspire individuals of all ages to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle, Abby is proof that fitness is not just a goal to be achieved; it’s a lifelong journey to be cherished.

Contact Abby today to set up a personalized training session where she can go over your unique needs and help you embark on your path to wellness. Your fitness journey begins now, and with Abby’s guidance, you can achieve your goals and fall in love with the joy of exercise. Reach out to Abby Light today and make the first step towards a healthier, happier, and more active lifestyle.

NASM- Certified Personal Trainer 

CPR/AED- Certified

Phone: 352-812-6496

Email: [email protected]

Author: wildwoodliving

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